How we helped Southern Water remind over 1,500 of it's employees to 'Think Customer'.

As part of their ongoing commitment to improving customer service, Southern Water approached us with the brief to help them communicate this better to their staff.

We created a name and design to encompass these communications within the organisation - 'Think Customer' was born. The naming is enhanced with an on-brand colour-way. Simple and recognisable, any internal customer-focused message carries the 'Think Customer' post-it.

Under the 'Think Customer' initiative we have worked on a number of projects.

This poster campaign is designed to encourage employees relate what they do in their day jobs to the bigger picture of ensuring that the customer receives the very best water service.

Each poster utilises strong photography, a big departure from the established corporate image library, and punchy copywriting - an initial business-led statement, concluding with a refreshingly emotive sentence - from the customer's perspective.

This pairing of imagery and our copywriting meant the poster series immediately stood apart from existing internal communication initiatives, engaging and reminding Southern Water employees to 'Think Customer'.