We always strive to operate best practice when it comes transport, energy-usage, recycling and procurement of items such as consumables, print and exhibition stands.


We only use our cars when public transport is not an option. Train travel is our preferred mode of transport, particularly for our London-based clients. We use Skype conference calls, file-sharing technology and electronic proofing to avoid travel when we can.


When printing documents, we print on both sides of A4 paper and re-use waste paper that has only been printed on one side. All our print cartridges come from a sustainable supplier and are returned for refilling when empty.

We will always choose to work with printers who are Carbon Neutral and FSC and PEFC certified – both for our own and our clients print requirements.


All paper (including packaging), glass, metal, wood, plastic bottles and cans are recycled as instructed by the District Council. We never buy new jiffy bags, but re-use ones we receive with deliveries. Confidential paperwork is shredded before disposal to our local recycling centre.


All lights in the office use energy saving LED light bulbs. We turn off all lights, printers and computers at the end of each day.

Sourcing locally:

We encourage the use of local suppliers in order to reduce the distances that items such as print need for delivery. This also allows meetings with suppliers without the need for long distance travel.

Exhibition stands:

The exhibition industry is not known for its sustainability. We therefore always recommend the most sustainable solution for our clients when proposing an exhibition stand solution. For the most part that means recommending modular reusable stands, but if that is not possible, we will recommend using sustainable substrates such as paper and wood rather than plastics.